Small Business GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Small Business GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

When you run a small business, one problem you will likely run into is that many of the products you need are designed for larger companies, and they don’t fit your needs or your budget. Sometimes, it can feel like GPS tracking is one of these, but Mobitrack offers GPS tracking devices designed specifically for the needs of small business owners. Whether you are running one vehicle for your HVAC business or have a fleet of 50 pieces of construction equipment, you can maximize the use of your vehicles with the help of fleet tracking systems.

Keep Your Fleet More Organized With Small Business Vehicle Tracking

When you install a fleet tracking system into your small fleet, you instantly become more organized. Even if you just have three drivers out on the road, you will have the ability to quickly see where they are, allowing you to streamline your dispatch process as you seek to meet the needs of your customers. Your fleet tracking system will also gather data about your vehicles, so you can easily generate reports when you need them.

Better organization can improve your customer service as well. When you know where your vehicles are, and a customer calls for emergency service, you can provide an accurate arrival time estimate after choosing the closest available vehicle and service provider. Better organization makes you look more professional and attentive to customers, and happy customers make your business a success.

Improve Your Fleet’s Efficiency

Small businesses must be able to limit expenses wherever possible in order to ensure their companies stay profitable. One way that you can cut costs is through better efficiency for your fleet. If you can run your vehicles more resourcefully, cutting down on wasted time on the road and fuel costs, you can lower your operating costs significantly. Fleet tracking helps you do just that!

With Mobitrack’s small business fleet tracking, you can:

• Route drivers more efficiently.
• Streamline maintenance to improve vehicle lifespan and efficiency.
• Cut down on fuel-wasting behaviors, like idling and heavy braking.
• Help drivers avoid traffic delays that lead to wasted fuel.

All of these benefits combine to put more money back into your operating budget, instead of into your vehicles.

Fleet Tracking Systems Designed for Businesses of All Types and Sizes

At Mobitrack, we have fleet tracking systems designed for small businesses of all types. Some of the industries that can benefit most from our services include:

 HVAC companies — Provide customers with accurate arrival time predictions and faster service in emergencies.
• Plumbing companies — Exceed customer expectations with on-time arrivals using GPS tracking.
• Tow truck companies — Get to stranded drivers more quickly with GPS tracking for tow truck companies.
• Construction companies — Know where your equipment is and how it is being used with GPS fleet tracking.

Our systems, because they are customized for each customer, work for fleets of all sizes as well. Even if you have just one vehicle, you can benefit from better routing, maintenance and efficiency. With Mobitrack’s affordable products, it is possible for your small fleet to enjoy these benefits, without a prohibitive cost.

Schedule Your Demo of Our Small Business Fleet Tracking Systems Today

At Mobitrack, we believe small businesses should be able to run just as efficiently as large ones. Contact us today to schedule a demo of our small business vehicle tracking system, and see how your small business can benefit from Mobitrack’s unique tracking products.


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