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School Bus Tracking System & Fleet Management Solutions For Educational Institutions in Qatar

Schools are obliged to provide a safe haven for children so they can focus on their studies. Parents are as concerned about the safety measures a school has in place as they are about the level of education they expect the school to impart on their child. One way schools can ensure protection for their students is by setting up a fleet tracking system or a Bus GPS tracking system.

Keeping a complete track of every movement of school buses is the need of the hour. The movement of the school buses carrying school kids to and from the schools need to be monitored to ensure the safety of the children. The school bus management systems Qatar offered by Mobitrack helps the companies in keeping a track of the school buses. Trust and safety are the first priority of any transportation company providing school buses. By installing our customized GPS-enabled tracking systems in the school buses, the transportation companies can win the trust of the parents as well as the school authorities.

Mobitrack® – The GPS School Bus tracking systems Qatar that we offer for school buses can be customized as per the needs of the transport company. These tracking systems enable both the school authority and the company to track of the school buses while they are carrying school kids in them. Apart from the route tracking, they can also keep a tab on the time schedule of the buses and improve punctuality.

Best School Bus Tracking System & Solutions for Student Safety in Qatar

How does the GPS School Bus Tracking System Work?

  • A high end GPS system is installed in the school vehicle
  • All the signals from the vehicle are routed to an integrated central server for real time monitoring
  • Information from the server can be transmitted via SMS alerts and mails, or can be checked on the web or using mobile apps

What are the features of Mobitrack® School Bus GPS Tracking System?

  • The parent is informed of the estimated time of arrival of their child’s bus before it reaches the stop before/after school.
  • Parents can track the location of the bus in real time using the Mobitrack® School Bus Tracking Mobile App Qatar.
  • Parents without smart phones can use the ‘know your bus’ feature to receive a text message which informs them of the current whereabouts of their child’s bus.
  • In case there is a traffic jam, natural calamity or any other problem, an SMS is immediately dispatched to the parent informing the reason for delay

Benefits of Mobitrack® GPS Tracking for School Buses:

The advantages of using GPS tracking systems in school buses are plenty. The most important benefit is the peace of mind it provides parents as they are continually updated of their child’s whereabouts. School management will have access to detailed reports such as distance moved by each vehicle, time of arrival at each stop etc which can prove to be invaluable. The transport manager can review routes to ensure that the drivers are sticking to planned routes and isn’t missing any stops. The transport manager is also informed via alerts if the drivers over-speed or if the vehicle has been in an accident.

In today’s hectic world, both School Administration and Parents are concerned about the safety and security of the school children especially with respect to their journey in the school buses or vans. Transporting children to and from school requires a great deal of logistics and scheduling.

Mobitrack® school bus tracking system Qatar assists the transport manager to dispatch and guide a school bus to the required spot reducing down time. Real time display of the bus travel can give added advantages of reporting delays to parents waiting for their children. The operator can also get reports on overtime, vehicle usage, route information, identify logistical inefficiencies and record the travel.

Mobitrack® can help lower costs and make the drivers more accountable. Improving on late arrivals can reduce down time and parent complaints. Mobitrack® School Bus Tracker is a mobile application that connects parents with their child school transport system, enabling them to locate their child and school bus at any given moment during their school bus route.