waste management tracking system qatar

Waste Management Fleet Tracking Software & Solutions Qatar

Mobitrack® GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solutions Qatar tailored for the waste management industry, provide a high level of monitoring capabilities with up to the minute location information frequencies, making it easy to consider and improve the efficiency of ad hoc pick-ups like skip bins and dumpsters. Cities, counties, and any other entity with waste management vehicles will be able to monitor and track in real-time. A wide variety of installation options for the GPS vehicle tracking devices are available.

Mobitrack is the first choice for many businesses when it comes to getting tracking services for the waste management systems. We understand that collection of data of waste management trucks and other vehicles is important for managing routes, waste service vehicles, and frequency of neighborhood bin services. Keeping all these aspects in mind, we have designed a truck tracking system that not only tracks the waste collection trucks but also equipped with number of other features which improves overall waste management process. Using our waste management systems, any waste management company can track the status of the number of neighborhood bins visited by the truck. They can also know when the trucks are tipped or inspected.

Fuel management is a major challenge for the waste management sector, as many specialist vehicles have extremely low fuel efficiency. Using our vehicle tracking system, operators can monitor and capture real-time movements to ensure vehicles are driven efficiently and remain on-route, minimizing mileage and limiting fuel usage.

Our PTO (Power Take Off) tracking makes it is possible to have full visibility of vehicle equipment activity such as bin lifts to measure productivity and usage. This not only provides precise data regarding work completion, missed collections and proof of tipping to confirm that service level agreements are being met, but also ensure that refuse and waste management vehicles are being operated safely and responsibly.

We can also streamline accident management by providing access to accurate historical data detailing all vehicle movements. This information – including location, speed, direction and g-force – can assist in the investigation of any incidents involving specialist vehicles and protect operators and their employees against fraudulent claims.

Whether you deal with liquid waste management or with solid waste management, our hi-tech waste management Tracking systems Qatar can help you in tracking all your waste management operations. By investing a small sum in the tracking solutions that we offer for waste collection trucks, you can enhance your work efficiency. So try our waste management systems now to reduce the overall cost while simultaneously improving the daily operations.

With Mobitrack® Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management for Waste Management entities get:

  • Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking.
  • Live Alerts.
  • Geofences.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management.
  • Manage and Monitor Routes.
  • Automated Driver Ratings.
  • Electronic Dispatching Log.
  • Reports and Analytics of Performance and Activities.